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This site is here for the exclusive use for Pipistrel owners and anyone interested in Pipistrel aircraft, their use, performance, and general information.  We want any Pipistrel owners to feel welcome and to join our forum in order to further discourse and knowledge for the purposes of enhancing the Pipistrel flight experience.

If you are interested in purchasing or flying a Pipistrel aircraft, we hope this site will afford you the opportunity to learn from Pipistrel owners about the joys of flying motorgliders and the rewards for this unique flying experience.

If you work for Pipistrel, or represent them in any capacity, you are welcome to contribute, however, we discourage any overt sales or marketing efforts.  Please limit your contributions and comments to providing our readers with access to information or resources.  It will be greatly appreciated and will improve the overall Pipistrel ownership experience.

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This site is not affiliated in any way with Pipistrel, its distributors, or its dealers. It is meant to be independent and for the sole benefit of the individual owners and prospective owners of Pipistrel aircraft.

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